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Love First Intervention: How To Intervene?


Eye on Addiction Radio
Show #3

Eye on Addiction Radio
630 KHOW “Denver’s Talk Station”


Love First Intervention:
How Do I Intervene?

Guest: Jeff Jay
Interventionist and co-author of, love first

Jeff Jay, Love First

• Do interventions work?
• What are some different ways of intervening?
• What to do when the addict finds out about the intervention in advance?
(The answer may surprise you).

Joe and Jeff discuss different methods for intervening and the ways family can prepare for a successful intervention and what to do when the addict finds out about the intervention in advance. Listen to this one-hour show, including questions from listeners.


Please be patient while this radio show loads on your computer.

Joe Herzanek and Jeff Jay
discuss these questions, answer calls and more.

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