Can a person just cut down on their drinking?


Can a person just cut down on their drinking?:

Can a person just cut down on their drinking?


Can a person just cut down on their drinking?


A. Yes, a person can just cut down.

But not if the person is an alcoholic or drug addict. When we are talking about cutting down, the implication is that the person has the ability to control how much he uses without going overboard or having problems.

Lack of control is perhaps the biggest sign of addiction. For the dependent person, alcohol or drugs now have control. At this point, it is often the person’s stubborn pride that keeps them from seeing the problem.

Whether you are asking this question of yourself or if you are thinking of someone close to you, it is a red flag—a warning sign.

Social drinkers rarely, if ever, need to think about being able to control how much they drink.

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