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More from my Atomic Fireball story


Atomic Fireballs


Those who remember me writing about a year ago, that my sponsor thought I liked all candy and has given me an Atomic Fireball every time we meet.

I have a desk drawer full of unopened Atomic Fireball because I did not like them.

What a difference my thinking is today from just a year ago…  As I have mentioned, I recently put my cigarettes away at 5:30pm Friday 7/1.

Well now I crave candy again just the same as when I gave up Alcohol, so I found out I really do like Atomic Fireballs.

And by the way, my Sponsor has given me so much more than just candy, he read the Big Book with me page by page and explained every sentence for me.  Without his help, I need the Rosetta Stone to get some of the stuff I now understand and love.
3 Atomic Fireballs

I stay in my literature daily.  I now look forward to my Atomic fireballs from this firm but kind man… With God, the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and one of the best sponsors for me, I have not found it necessary to take a drink since 9/12/07

~Charlie Vaughn

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