I dropped my AA Sobriety Coin in the parking lot of Price Chopper


AA sobriety chip



I dropped my AA Sobriety Coin in the parking lot of Price Chopper, and as my luck would have it landed on end and started rolling down the parking lot…

I was terrified, you would have thought I lost gold.. It just meant that much to me.. finally i was lucky and caught up with it…I love my sobriety… SOBRIETY REALLY IS A HOOT

A Memory of my Relapses

A God “of my understanding”

I still do stupid stuff sober

Careful what you Pray for

Living Experience

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Got an addiction problem in your family? Read this book. Joe knows his stuff. This book helps you to better understand those who are dealing with friends and family that are addicted to drugs and alcohol. I have read several of these books but this one is the best. ~RJ

I, like many people, have some knowledge of what drugs and addiction are, but are clueless on what the process of recovery entails. This book does a great job in what it would take to help a loved one, who is an addict and is willing to get clean and stay clean. It also gives one hope that your loved one will survive the nightmare they are living through with their family. ~CG

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Phone Counseling for Families Dealing with Substance Abuse

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AA Sobriety Coin,Charlie Vaughn



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