Charlie’s Corner: I still do stupid stuff sober.




I went outside this morning to let Max out in the back yard. Went to let him back in as it was pretty chilly out there in my Jammie’s.  Apparently the door going to the deck locks—so I was locked out with Max in the back yard. I wonder if the Serenity Prayer works on stupid.

I had to go meet my new next door neighbor in my jammie’s to get help to get back in. If I would have been drunk I probably would have broken the window. Got in by a friend of mine that used to break into houses to get drug money. See—the Program does work if you work it…lol

Just a share to let you know we are all human and do things that just aren’t cool…Love you All.



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4 thoughts on “Charlie’s Corner: I still do stupid stuff sober.

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  3. Joe

    Thanks Charlie. I thought I was the only one :-))

    Once when I was drunk I had a flat, got out and changed it, I thought. I actually changed a good tire, not the flat one, and started to drive off, knew immediately that something was wrong, got back out change the ‘real flat tire’ this time and then drove off, leaving the tire that needed to be repaired on the side of the road. The three people with me weren’t much help either.

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