Charlie’s Corner: A Memory of my Relapses

Charlie Vaughn

Charlie Vaughn






A Memory of my Relapses

I was drinking REAL heavy and a friend of mine took me to “Dry out” in a Detox. I had never been to a detox ever and wondered about where he was taking me..  We pulled up in front of this old school house, and I thought oh boy.

When we went inside in the gym were cots set up everywhere.  Turned and looked at him and said “I can’t go here” when asked why not, I said all these people are street drunks.  Is this ego or what, he looked at me and said “what do you think you are”  I stayed 5 days got out and drank the same day..

Another time this same friend took me to the psych ward and told me this is where I belonged because I was pure nuts.  He told me the next step would probably be jail.  I told him I have never been locked up before, he said ” you are now can you just walk thru the locked door.

I needed both of these to be where I am today.. If I had gone to a detox or treatment where they make your bed and place a mint on my pillow each morning, I would not have what I now think of as fond memories…  Thank you all for allowing me to share just two of my many relapses.  Some people get the message the first try, I admire them, but I understand the poor SOB like me that keeps picking themselves up…SOBRIETY REALLY IS A HOOT….


Daily Prayers

I was talking with my Sponsor about prayers to God. I pray to God in the morning for direction in my day.

Then I pray to God in the evening, thanking him for keeping me sober each day. That is all I do each day on Prayer.

I have also noticed that I also only pray when something seems to be not going the way I want them to.  As of yesterday, I will be praying more during the day, starting with the poor Alcoholic that is still suffering, and I will pray for God’s guidance through out the day, not just in the morning.

God and Prayer is my mainstay in Sobriety; I cannot afford to let down of the spiritual part in my life.

Just my thoughts for this morning.  I owe so much to God, Alcoholics Anonymous, great sponsorship, and people just like you…

Thank you all for being my friends in recovery. I love you all.  Sobriety is still a Hoot for me…


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