Monthly Review: Detachment, Surviving Holidays, Enabling & Optimism


Monthly Review: September/October 2013

In case you missed our latest posts from the months of September/October, 2013 —we’ve gathered them together for you to enjoy (plus two of our most popular posts: Surviving Holidays with A Dysfunctional Family and Detachment: How Can I?).
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Optimistic . . . even if only for a few moments.

I have watched Nikki from afar. She has overcome a life-destroying meth addiction, established a new “fairy tale” life in the mountains of Colorado with her fiance and best friend—and was on top of the world as she celebrated her first Christmas in decades with her two grown sons. Then suddenly without warning, her world was shattered.  ~Judy Herzanek



Detachment. How Can I?
This post, partially excerpted from Why Don’t They Just Quit? is one of our most popular posts ever. We re-posted it for you in October.

When life becomes one crisis after another, when emotional pain and endless drama become “the norm” what am I supposed to do? Over the past few decades I’ve received this question a lot. Recently it has become the #1 question. Why is that? What do I suggest to families who have arrived at this place? How about this: My suggestion is to do NOTHING! Stop “doing.” Quit “doing.” No longer “DO” anything. ~Joe Herzanek

Don't Enable the Addict


Many thanks to our friend Sandy Swenson for sharing her blog post with us.

“If the addict is pleased with your help, you’re probably enabling. If the addict is pissed as hell, you’re probably helping the person you love.”

Surviving Holidays with Dysfunctional Family


Surviving Holidays with Dysfunctional Family

This article “10 Tips for Surviving Holidays with the Dysfunctional Family” is so full of great information that we decided to re-post it.


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