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Feelings—in Sobriety


Charlie Vaughn
Charlie’s Corner: “Sobriety is a Hoot!”

“I have spent my whole life stuffing my feelings. As a child raised in a strict Southern Baptist household, I was told big boys don’t cry. And never show any sign’s of anger. So I stuffed these bad feelings.  As an adult with alcohol raging through my sick brain, I learned not to show any emotions. Became a very calm drunk on the outside, to other people I was laid back and very easygoing. Then one day along came these feeling all at once. . . like a freight train with no engineer.

When I removed the alcohol I had used as my “I’m not feeling today medicine” I had no idea what to do with all these feelings. I don’t like the words “work the steps.” “Work it” is not for me “Live the steps” works better for me. The steps allow me to feel again, some good and some bad, but I at least have a way to recognize the difference. If sad things happen to me or someone–I cry; and so on.

These are the things the program of Alcoholics Anonymous have taught me.

Thank you all for being part of my miracle. We’re a family and I love you all…. Charlie”

Charlie V., “house dad” of several recovery houses near Independence, MO, keeps us all posted on what is important in life, and even more that that. . . how to laugh!
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I dropped my AA Sobriety Coin in the parking lot of Price Chopper

July 11, 2011 in Charlie’s Corner: “Sobriety is a HOOT!” | 1 comment (edit)



I dropped my AA Sobriety Coin in the parking lot of Price Chopper, and as my luck would have it landed on end and started rolling down the parking lot…

I was terrified, you would have thought I lost gold.. It just meant that much to me.. finally i was lucky and caught up with it…I love my sobriety… SOBRIETY REALLY IS A HOOT

AA Sobriety Coin,Charlie Vaughn

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I dropped my AA Sobriety Coin in the parking lot of Price Chopper

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