What a Joy to be Sober


Charlie Vaughn

We’ve added a new “category” to our blog called:
Charlie’s Corner: “Sobriety is a Hoot!”

Charlie V., “house dad” of several recovery houses near Independence, MO, keeps us all posted on what is important in life, and even more that that. . . how to laugh!

In reality. . . Charlie is a hoot!
Keep checking for updates. We think you’ll be glad you did!


“It is such a joy to me that someone would come to me and ask for sobriety help. This is what I really want in sobriety—to help another Alcoholic.

It keeps me right-sized and that is important, because they are helping me stay sober more than the other way around.  I haven’t been sober all that long myself, but I do have tons of past pain and experiences to share.

At 63 years old I ran alcohol the full gamit and I will always remember my last drunk. Sometime I must share my burning fuse experience—not burning bush, I had a fuse that stopped my last drunk short of death.”

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I dropped my AA Sobriety Coin in the parking lot of Price Chopper

A Memory of my Relapses

A God “of my understanding”

I still do stupid stuff sober

Careful what you Pray for

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