Roger Ebert is an alcoholic




After viewing CNN’s recent honest and powerful documentary of the late film critic Roger Ebert’s life, we decided it was only fitting to re-post this article from Roger’s blog: “My Name is Roger, and I’m an alcoholic ”
~by Roger Ebert (August 25, 2009)

In August 1979, I took my last drink. It was about four o’clock on a Saturday afternoon, the hot sun streaming through the windows of my little carriage house on Dickens. I put a glass of scotch and soda down on the living room table, went to bed, and pulled the blankets over my head. I couldn’t take it any more.

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Roger Ebert alcoholic Roger Ebert  alcoholic



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  1. Judy Herzanek

    Dear Joseph,
    We strongly advise you to seek help from your primary physician and ask him or her to refer you to the appropriate specialist.


  2. josephlagreca

    I am looking for help. About 6 years ago I developed severe anxiety due to job loss. I lost my appetite almost completely. I struggle with appetite loss almost every day-in addition I have diabetes. You see the problem. You have to eat when you have diabetes. Yet I have anorexia. I don’t know what to do. I have been thinking about tube feeding, but this will devastate me financially. I have never heard of something like this. I need help. Any help you can lend would be appreciated.

    Joseph La Greca

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