Memories of past relapses


Daily Prayers

I was talking with my Sponsor about prayers to God.. I pray to God in the morning for direction in my day.

Then I pray to God in the evening, thanking him for keeping me sober each day. That is all I do each day on Prayer.

I have also noticed that I also only pray when something seems to be not going the way I want them to.  As of yesterday, I will be praying more during the day, starting with the poor Alcoholic that is still suffering, and I will pray for God’s guidance through out the day, not just in the morning.

God and Prayer is my mainstay in Sobriety; I cannot afford to let down of the spiritual part in my life.

Just my thoughts for this morning.  I owe so much to God, Alcoholics Anonymous, great sponsorship, and people just like you…

Thank you all for being my friends in recovery. I love you all..  Sobriety is still a Hoot for me…

Memories of past relapses

I was thinking about some of my many attempts to get sober, and when I just didn’t quite get it.  I can remember going to get that first bottle, going into the liquor store, looking around, as I was sure the AA Police were following me.  Buying the bottle still looking around like I might be robbing the place.  My hand shaking as instead of a normal person I placed the bottle in my pants, and sneaked out the door, still looking.   I guess I thought I was that important that people would follow me to a liquor store.

I have been blessed as God has lifted my desire to drink and I do not have to live that way today.  In my life Sobriety is a Hoot, that I won’t give up for anything.  Just my thoughts for today.


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