All Those AA Meetings: What he’ll hear when he goes to those AA meetings


~written by Toby Drews, author, “Getting Them Sober”
Posted with permission.


What is often underlying that question is the fear that no one will tell him how serious this disease is . . . that no one will tell him that he must go to A.A. meetings a lot . . . that no one will tell him that he must stop drinking—and stay stopped.

What he’ll most probably hear from the old timers in A.A meetings:

1.) ”Don’t drink if your rear-end falls off. And if it falls off, put it in a basket and take it to a meeting.”

2.) ”Meeting-makers make it”—almost all relapses occur because people stopped going to meetings.

(Even if the speaker says he ‘slipped’ and doesn’t say why—if you ask the person privately after the A.A. meeting, ”did you stop going to meetings?” the response is almost always ‘yes’).

3.) What’s dangerous about “slips” (relapses)? As the old timers will tell the newcomer, ”you know you have another drunk in you, but you don’t know if you have another recovery in you” (i.e., you may feel like you can ‘slip and slide’ and go in and out of A.A. at will—and that ”a little slip that only lasts a short time doesn’t really count”).

But one day, the way this disease works, you probably will lose the choice and won’t be able to go back even if you want to. In other words, each ‘slip’, no matter ‘how long’ or ‘how short’, is akin to playing Russian Roulette with your life.




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2 thoughts on “All Those AA Meetings: What he’ll hear when he goes to those AA meetings

  1. Judy

    Thanks for the reference Jay! And congratulations on your continued sobriety. As I have heard, you have to “fall in love” with sobriety. It’s a great way to live isn’t it? I will share your link to our followers. Thanks again!

  2. Jay

    Thanks for this article! I go to 12-step meetings at least 4 times a week and I have not relapsed because like it was said in the article, there is no guarantee I will be able to make it back into the rooms. I have three years of sobriety and I got help from Drug Rehab for Teens. If you need help or know someone who does, check out their website for help.

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