Drug czar warns against taking ‘bath salts’ drugs


Illegal Bath Salts“Just because something is not illegal does not mean it’s safe”

WASHINGTON (AP) — White House Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske warned people Tuesday against taking the newest synthetic drugs, often marketed as “bath salts” and being sold legally on the Internet and in drug paraphernalia stores.

The powdered drugs are sold under such brand names as “Ivory Wave” or “Purple Wave.” Kerlikowske said synthetic stimulants in them have made hundreds of users across the country sick already this year. A Mississippi sheriff’s office has said the drugs are suspected in an apparent overdose death there.

“They pose a serious threat to the health and well-being of young people and anyone who uses them,” Kerlikowske said in a written statement. Read the entire article: Drug czar warns against taking “bath Salts” drugs

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2 thoughts on “Drug czar warns against taking ‘bath salts’ drugs

  1. Joe

    Dear Laurie,

    Thanks for the post. I think that your post is a powerful example of how tragic addiction can get. Your courage to write to us will help many of our readers. Many times families will wait much longer than they should to confront this dreadful disease. Maybe some will see the wisdom in acting sooner by reading your post.

    I don’t have enough details to give a clear answer to your complex situation. Much is going on and the grieving process has a way to go. This is still pretty fresh and time away from all of this will work miracles. But there are some things you need to do to make peace with the past. I’m going to contact you about that since I have a way to do that now.

    Please know that addicts and alcoholics are master manipulators. They are able to slowly crush the ones who love them the most. Often they are capable of making ‘THEIR ADDICTION’ seem like your fault. Insanity. This helps them to continue their abusive use and blame someone or something else for the problem. All of this is done in a slow and insidious manner.

    This obviously created a great deal of strife in the relationships in the home. Some, perhaps most of those can be repaired. In rare cases some broken relationships will stay broken. Just the same it is possible to look forward to once again, one day, enjoying life. Wounds can heal. You have already made some good decisions and hopefully I can show you a few more things that will help.

    Hang in there, Joe

    “The best revenge is to live well” …and you can do it.

  2. Laurie

    Being that I have already lost my spouse to drug addiction/mental illness, where would i go to receive support? I am currently in therapy but wish that there was more that I can do to help with the pain, anger, resentment and pain that i have been having to endure since the passing of my husband May 11, 2010. My husbands addiction not only took his life. It completely crushed the lives of me and my children. I have had a complete mental breakdown from this situation which of course made me temporarily lose my children. I did not sign up for this, my husband chose to check out and leave me to clean up his mess!!!

    Any help or references that you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Laurie S. (Vernon, CT )

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