review from John Derry (A Home Away…)


Thanks to John Derry (A Home Away), for this wonderful review! (Click Here)

Also, check out John and Jane’s picturesque recovery retreat close to Vancouver, by Kelowna, British Columbia

Drug Addiction Phone Counseling for Families Dealing with Substance Abuse


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2 thoughts on “ review from John Derry (A Home Away…)

  1. John Derry

    You are welcome. It was a pleasure to read and review Joe Herzanek’s book: Why Don’t they Just Quit?

    Thank you also for referring to our beautiful A Home Away Retreat. Please note that, while we are close to Vancouver, we are actually by Kelowna, British Columbia. Just wanted to clarify that in case someone was trying to google us.

    Your readers can find out more about A Home Away at

    Thanks kindly,

    John Derry, Director

    Non-institutional rehab that works. Turns addictions into assets.

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