Just Love Her: A Mother’s Journey of Healing Through Her Daughter’s Drug Addiction


Just Love Her: A Mother's Journey of Healing Through Her Daughter's Drug Addiction, by Trina Hayes

Just Love Her
I recently finished reading a wonderful book by Trina Hayes that I’d like to share with our friends/blog readers. This mom retells her journey of healing through her daughter’s drug addiction and recovery–a wonderfully uplifting story.

~ Judy Herzanek

Review from Amazon.com  (May 14, 2010)

Happy Endings Do Occur

I loved reading this story of Trina, her daughter’s drug addiction, her journey of healing and the ever-growing relationship between herself and her daughter Angie. I kept the book by my bedside and each night would read a bit more. It was as though I had a new friend and each time I opened the book, I would find our more about her.

As a recovering person myself, and also the mom of a grown son and daughter–close to the same ages as hers, I could identify with much I was reading.

This story is not just about her daughter’s drug addiction, but so much more. It is the story of an everyday (but exceptional) woman, Trina–who takes us on her journey as she battles to regain her life after experiencing rejection, low self-esteem, sexual abuse, MRSA and her daughter’s addiction.

It is the story of a woman who learns through years of trial and error, to be content with life, to grow strong and to love herself for who she is.

Toward the end of the book Trina writes “Now the pieces of the jigsaw of my life were beginning to make sense.”

I highly recommend this for any woman (young or old) who is trying to find their way in life–or for someone who just wants to read an engaging and ultimately uplifting account of “real-world” struggle and triumph.

To learn more, visit the author’s website at: www.trinahayes.com

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