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I Don’t See a Man, I See My Child.


I don't see a man, I see my child.

This “Recovery Thought” was originally a comment on one of our Facebook groups. I read it and it resonated strongly with me. Linda W. has agreed to let us share this publicly, hoping her works will let others know —they are not alone.
~Judy Herzanek/Changing Lives Foundation

I’d like to share a crazy question I asked of an EMT who transported my 37-year-old son and me to the hospital. She and I were standing near my son who was on a stretcher after suffering a seizure.

Looking at him I just had to ask her. Does he look like a man to you????

She answered yes.
I looked back at my son who could not hear this conversation.

Then I explained.
When I look at my son I don’t see a man. I see my child.
I see the boy I raised and love so much. Mentally I know he is a man; heart wise I am looking at my son. . . my child. But I never see a grown man like I do with other people’s sons.

Perhaps that is partly why we mothers believe we’ve got to save them.

I’m learning I need to see the man he is and allow him to make his choices. 
I did not cause the drinking and I cannot stop it. This man is capable of making decisions and going through the consequences.

I can love him, be “a bit of light” in his world, but I can’t be the mom who could fix the hurts of childhood.  He is no longer a child.  I need to let him find the man he is meant to be.  And I need to look after me.

“I did not cause the drinking and I cannot stop it.
This man is capable of making decisions
and going thru the consequences.”

> This Recovery Thought posted with permission and written by  ~Linda W.

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