Monthly Review: Addiction. A Family Disease, China’s Web Junkies & Raising the Bottom


Monthly Review: November ’13—February ’14
Addiction. A Family Disease, China’s Web Junkies
and Raising the Bottom

Addiction A Family Disease
Happy Springtime
from Changing Lives Foundation!

In case you missed our latest posts from the past several months—we’ve gathered some of them together for you to enjoy.

Also, we introduce our newest resource for families dealing with ANY ADDICTION (scroll to the bottom). Thanks for being part of our Changing Lives Foundation Community.

Why is Addiction Called “A Family Disease”?

~By Kathy Brock Frasier, Regional Director, The Addict’s Mom
Addiction is called a “family disease” yet many will dispute this by responding “I do not have the problem; He/she has the problem because he /she is the one taking drugs.” However, addiction wraps its tentacles tightly around those closest to the addict, most typically family and friends. READ MORE


Raising The Bottom

Help an Addict by “Raising their Bottom”

“After speaking with and emailing hundreds of parents, spouses and other family members, I know this is a lot easier said, than done. Raising the bottom is especially difficult for mothers and is one of the reasons I wrote the book Why Don’t They JUST QUIT? — to get this message to as many as possible.” ~Chaplain Joe Herzanek    READ MORE


China's Internet Addiction

China among first to label “Internet addiction” a clinical disorder.

 China’s Web Junkies: Internet Addiction, a Clinical Disorder

This disturbing, thought-provoking 7 minute video about internet addiction and how it affects children and their families sheds light on an issue that has yet to reach these proportions in the United States. We, at Changing Lives Foundation believe it is well-worth taking the time to watch.  READ MORE

Help for Families Battling ANY ADDICTION.

Why Don't They Just Quit METH? 2 DVD Set

Why Don’t They Just Quit METH? Families need help too.
(Roundtable Discussion 2-Disc Set includes bonus feature)

Answers for families facing addiction for the first time! 
Yes, meth addicts DO recover and families can and do get better.

This DVD is for families dealing with ANY drug or alcohol addiction (not just meth).

 With appreciation to our Changing Lives Supporters who made this filming possible,
and to the following for your excellent contribution:
> Tonya Wheeler (Executive Dir: Advocates for Recovery)
> Trish Frye (Program Dir: Rise Recovery)
> Michael Connely: (Dir: Odyssey Training Center)
> Dr. Nicolas Taylor: (Taylor Behavioral Health)
> Warren and Colleen
> Brandon Stiller, Ann Theis, Josh Stanton: (Open Media Foundation)
> Karen Steenekamp: (Open Design, LLC)

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Addiction—A Family Disease, China’s Web Junkies,  Rock Bottom


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