Drug Addiction Among University Students


Drug Addiction Among University Students

Drug Addiction Among University Students:
Is Drug Addiction Among University Students Destroying USA’s Future?

~by Guest Blogger Lily McCann

Use of legal and illegal drugs among University students is increasing at an alarming pace. According to statistics from The United Nations, the United States is the biggest drug market in the world. One reason behind this is extensive use of drugs at universities in the United States.

Reasons Behind Increasing Drug Addiction Among University Students
The main reason behind these alarming numbers is the use of prescription drugs, marijuana and cocaine by university students. Even though prescription drugs are legitimate, they may have long-term negative impacts on individuals. Students who disclosed using prescription drugs in order to improve their level of concentration were more frequently found to have used illicit drugs in universities as compared to those students who had not used prescription stimulants previously.

The reasons for drug use differ among individuals. Currently, the most common reason for drug use and abuse among students is to improve academic performance; this is the reason why an increase in illicit drug use is observed during exam times.

Recent Trends in Drug Abuse
According to national epidemiological studies, there has been a significant rise in the use of illicit drugs in US universities and colleges. Individuals within the age group of 18–29 tend to use more than any other age group–leading to an alarming rate of prescription drug addiction among young adults.

Influences of Drug Abuse on Students’ Lives
The future of our country depends upon our youth. Prescription drug addiction among our university students is a major threat.

  • Effects on Academic Progress
    Even though the motive behind using drugs in universities is to improve academic progress, students do not realize that drug use defeats this purpose. The consumption of stimulant drugs causes an increase in the level of certain hormones in the brain, which can make an individual feel more confident. With repeated use however, an individual’s body starts depending upon these external triggers to function properly. Therefore, the academic performance of the student declines as their drug use turns into addiction.
  • Effects on Social Life
    When individuals addicted to drugs are kept away from drugs even for short periods of time they showcase certain symptoms, including depression, aggression and other common drug-seeking behavioral changes. Many of those conditions push individuals into isolation (either willingly or they are pushed aside by society due to unacceptable behavior). Drug addicted students stop interacting with their peers. Drug addiction also causes lack of self esteem and happiness.
  • Effects on Personal Development
    Psychological effects of drug addiction can include aggressive behavior, lack of rationalization and lack of motivation. These factors influence the overall development of a student’s personality; these factors become a hindrance to building a prosperous life and career. Drug abusing individuals find themselves incapable of finding and keeping a job and handling stress. If and when they do become employed they often remain unable to socialize within the work or home environments.

Fighting Drug Addiction at Universities
Despite efforts from university personnel and law enforcement, this problem is not going away anytime soon. Accessible addiction treatment programs for university students is one suggested way to deal with the problem. Read more about this approach in the book “A Guide to Substance Abuse Services for Primary Care Clinicians”. According to this approach, each individual is screened separately and an in-depth assessment is administered in order to devise highly effective specialized treatment.

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Drug Addiction University Students Drug Addiction University Students


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