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Getting Them Sober

If Alcoholics Stop Going to AA


Reprinted from the AOL-lauded  www.GettingThemSober.com website. Article copyrighted by Toby Rice Drews, author, the “Getting Them Sober” books.


I get so many phone calls from people saying “Yeah, he’s been to AA before, and he went for a week or two, or a month or so, and then he started slacking off meetings.” Now usually when they start doing that, it’s when they start feeling better. It gets to the point for many people that they start feeling really good (the program starts working), and unfortunately, instead of wanting more of it, they think they “got it,” and they don’t think they have to go to as many meetings. And so the problem is that they start doing other stuff because they feel good. They want to play “catch-up” — catch up their lives because of all the time they wasted.

And it looks good to the family. It fools everybody. It fools the alcoholic, it fools the family.
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