Addiction: “I had NO idea what was happening to my daughter in-law”


Dear Changing Lives,

Thank you for your quick action on the billing and the response in receiving the book.  I received the book in less than 24 hours and sat down immediately and read it.

I had NO idea what was happening to my daughter in-law and had constant tears for the last week.   After reading the book I went to bed with some peace of mind and hope last night.
Thank you again.

~ MJ in Fort Collins, CO

“I received your book today in the mail, I curled up on the couch by the fire and read it cover to cover. I just finished, and feel I can now face 2011 with a new optimism. A HUGE thank you to you both!”

~ Optimistic Mom (Whitesboro, NY)

And another from Julie—a  reader and participant on our Facebook and Blog Page:

“please feel free to use my full name. I’ve found that being transparent about all of this is very freeing, plus it helps other people in some way. I love it when I can share my experience with others & see how it helps them.

Wanted to share that I told a fellow Nar-Anon dad about your book & your philosophy about raising the bottom. He said it gave him the courage to kick his 23-year old daughter out when she got high on Christmas Day & caused a huge problem when they were hosting family.

Three days later, she called them from a detox hospital…that SHE had checked herself into! A great start . . . thank you both for letting me share about your book & how it has helped me!!!”

~ Julie Jordan-Wade (Coppell, TX)

We love to hear from everyone. Our best to you all!

~Joe and Judy

Joe and Judy Herzanek, Changing Lives Foundation

Family Secrets, That rather sounds like “acceptance” equals “resignation”


To purchase “Why Don’t They Just Quit? What families and friends need to know about addiction and recovery”


Addiction, no idea Addiction, no idea Addiction, no idea


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4 thoughts on “Addiction: “I had NO idea what was happening to my daughter in-law”

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  4. Terrance O'Connor

    Joe The response of families and folks given the material you sent (the books, CDs, etc.) has been a great success. I have a few great stories on the impact of the material. Terry O’Connor 12-step programs member and active board member of the Clearfiel-jefferson counties herion task force (a bi-counties outreach organization for D/A intervention and family help and education on addiction problems) Thank you for the very valuable outreach tools.

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