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“Please Pray for My Son”


Often, a conversation that begins with a routine ordering question, turns out to be something that touches our hearts. We recently received a question/comment/request from a mother who agreed to share this with you.

After taking care of her book order question, she said “Am anxiously waiting for my book to arrive—as I am praying that it will help our 30 year old son. He has been an addict for 15 years and well…you know. I feel as though I cannot go on much longer. I am being held hostage and tortured by a drug that I do not even use”.

After several back-and-forth emails she wrote:

“Judy, yes you may quote me, and I am not ashamed for my name to be used either. How how did a mother of four who is so dead-set against drugs and alcohol raise children who are driven to it?

But I thank-you for your words. They mean more than you will never know. I was beginning to feel as though the world was not there for me. and then here you are! So sad to say that I am so glad that I am not alone. life. . . I am so very angry. More than words can say. And my son is wanting to end his life. He just cannot seem to get clean and stay that way and he has tried almost everything . . . and he so wants it. . . as do many I am sure. He is my heart. . . Oh I could go on but it is not your worry it is mine . . .and you have heard it all before. . . please pray for my son.”

Please, let’s take a moment to pray for all the sons, daughters, husbands, wives, friends and loved-ones who need strength, hope and a miracle!
-Joe and Judy

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