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Methamphetamine Hell: Facing the Dragon


Methamphetamine: Facing the Dragon


Methamphetamine Hell.
Facing the Dragon: How a Desperate Act Pulled One Addict Out of Methamphetamine Hell

~By David Parnell and Amy Hammond Hagberg

Unbelievable. A true story of desperation, hell, courage, miracles and hope.

~Review by Judy Herzanek, Changing Lives Foundation

Unbelievable. David Parnell has lived a life that most people would never dream of in their worst nightmares. His story of methamphetamine addiction, “unthinkable acts” and ultimate recovery are truly “unbelievable.”

“Facing the Dragon” gives the reader a brutally honest, ultra-realistic picture of what life is like for someone completely lost to the world of methamphetamine addiction. David’s descriptions are often shocking and difficult to read, but very necessary.

David begins his journey as a young child in an abusive and terribly dysfunctional family situation, through high school, when his life began spiraling out of control.

Methamphetamine Hell:
He describes his introduction to methamphetamine as a “gradual descent into true madness.” He writes, “My senses were heightened at first, I felt alive and empowered, but they eventually became deadened and I was like a zombie, a heartless corpse walking around pretending to live.”

David describes in eye-opening detail, his detox experience in jail, the transformation that takes place within a meth addict’s body and mind and the many, many “horrendous” things he did during his addiction.

“I crossed the line from being an addict who occasionally hallucinated into a full-blown psychotic . . . one day I snapped . . . what I did next is unthinkable.”

But this story is one of hope and miracles. David writes, “No matter what you’ve done or how bad things are now, you can always start fresh. I am living proof of that.”

David Parnell; recovering Meth Addict

David Parnell shot himself after wife Amy told him she was leaving him because of his meth addiction. He is no longer a user.

David’s story is miraculous in many ways. Medical professionals can’t explain his amazing recovery. In fact, he has not merely been restored to the man he was before; he is a new and improved man who finds meaning in honestly telling his story–in the hope that others will not have to travel the same dark road.
David now lives with a self-inflicted lifelong mark of disfigurement and the shocked stares of strangers. He also finds new purpose and fulfillment from sharing his story, his heart and his message of redemption and hope.

"No matter what you've done or how bad things are now, you can always start fresh. I am living proof of that."

This is an excellent read--for anyone interested in a painfully realistic, true-life account of the snare of methamphetamine addiction, how it affects the addict and family, and what it takes to completely recover. Thank you David and Amy for opening up your lives and your hearts to a broken world. [caption id="attachment_9306" align="alignleft" width="180"]David and Amy Parnell David and Amy Parnell[/caption] Available on Amazon.com: Facing the Dragon: How a Desperate Act Pulled One Addict Out of Methamphetamine Hell RELATED: A Mother Reflects on Her Daughter's Addiction Surviving Meth: Local dads win back their lives, their kids Relapse explained: “Slips and Human Nature”


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