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Son needs $75 for drug dealer or he’ll be “killed for sure”


Chaplain Joe Herzanek
Ask Joe:

“Son needs $75 or he will be killed for sure

Dear Joe,
I’m curious how you would handle this. I’ve been told so many lies I don’t know what to do with this one. My son insists he was confronted by a dealer he owes money to. He claims the dealer put a gun to his head and threatened him. He insists that telling police will get him killed for sure. He wants me to give him $60 to pay his dealer back so he’ll leave him alone.

I don’t believe him, but what if it’s true?  I do hear about people getting shot over drugs.  How would you handle this?  I don’t remember you covering this in your book.

~ Mom, trying to do the right thing

Dear Mom,
I guess I might give the money. It’s not worth worrying ($75) about. You have no reason to believe him and it’s probably a lie, but this time I would give him the money—just in case.

Then tell your son this is the only time and the last time. If he asks again let him know you plan to call the police. Then do it!! Pick up the phone right in front of him and call 911.

~ Joe

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