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More from Charlie! I still do stupid stuff sober.


Charlie’s Corner: Sobritey is a Hoot!

I went outside this morning to let Max out in the back yard. Went to let him back in as it was pretty chilly out there in my Jammie’s.  Apparently the door going to the deck locks—so I was locked out with Max in the back yard. I wonder if the Serenity Prayer works on stupid.

I had to go meet my new next door neighbor in my jammie’s to get help to get back in. If I would have been drunk I probably would have broken the window. Got in by a friend of mine that used to break into houses to get drug money. See—the Program does work if you work it…lol

Just a share to let you know we are all human and do things that just aren’t cool…Love you All.


I received this from a friend of mine in recovery…

There is no need to fear a Slip…. It just means that I have not yet admitted that I am an Alcoholic.
A slip does not mean that I have accomplished nothing .. it does mean that I have learned something.
A Slip does not mean that I had been a fool … it does mean that I have been sicker.
A Slip does not mean that I have been disgraced… it does mean that I must be more willing to try..
A Slip does not mean that I will not have Sobriety…. it does mean I have to do something in a different way.
A Slip does not mean that I am inferior… It does mean that I am not perfect.
A Slip does not mean that I have wasted my life .. it does mean that I have a reason to start afresh.
A Slip does not mean that I will never live sober…. it does mean that it will take a little longer.
A Slip does not mean that I must give up… it does mean that I must try harder.
And above all:

A Slip does not mean that God has abandoned me…. it does mean that God has a better idea…


I have became stagnant in my Recovery lately.  I no longer have the obsession to drink, I read the literature daily, I pray and meditate each day, I work with other Alcoholics.  And I came to the sudden realization, that I just don’t have a real spiritual program going for me.  I have asked another recovered Alcoholic, to work with me on the Spirituality part of the program.. I kept praying for the answer each day, and God really does talk to me..I found out first hand what the phrase, “Rest on my Laurels” means…This was just on my mind and wanted to share with my wonderful friends.  Love you All…

I am going to give up my Cigarettes (AGAIN).  Nicotine must be the most powerful drug, I know of.
This morning the realization of just how addicted I was came to light.  I noticed what a subtle foe nicotine really is. I have been doing my Praying and Meditating each morning since I have been sober. How sad it was to look at it differently this morning, I have always had to have a Cigarette and my Coffee, before prayer and meditation. That is not putting God foremost in my mind upon awakening. Wish me luck and prayers for this, I am taking the Patches out of the boxes,  Sobriety would be a better Hoot, if I breathe better also . . .  Love you All

During the later stages of my Alcoholism I turned into a pathetic recluse.  I was ashamed of my returning to drinking, and I didn’t want friends or family to know where or what I was doing.  My only sister had a friend of mine post Missing posters around Northeast Kansas City.  I was hiding there because no one would notice a drunk at 6am buying a cheap bottle of booze, and I fit in.  You see these types in movies; I lived it, not proud of it but part of my story.

Anyway yesterday I was interviewing a future resident (of the Sober Living Home), and out of nowhere he stated ” I know you. You are the one I saw on the poster a few years back” I wanted to hide again, I was sooooo embarrassed.

All year long I have been blessed with memories, some good and some not so good, but they are part of the story that led me on my sobriety journey. I DON’T EVER WANT TO PUT PEOPLE THROUGH THAT AGAIN.  I love you all. Have a great new year, we have all earned it. SOBRIETY REALLY IS A HOOT!

I am so grateful for many things.  First and foremost Alcoholics Anonymous, that re introduced me to the GOD I left on the doorstep at 17 years old.  Putting a Sponsor in in my life that I have had since I have been sober.

Allowing me the emotion of feeling. and putting Sponsee’s in my life that keep me sober also.  The ability to actually love and care about other people. Today I am even more aware of things, like the suffering Alcoholic/Addict that is still writing their story, and Praying for them that they will come on over to the brighter side, as I have been blessed with. Merry CHRISTmas to you all. I love each and everyone of you . . . SOBRIETY REALLY IS A HOOT.

It really amazes me how when the alcohol is removed, some of the ways I tried to manipulate the program.  I have only had 3 Sponsor’s in my life. My first attempt at sobriety I went to my home group and they kept talking about Sponsorship. I thought—if one was good, TWO would be great. I sat in the meetings to chose my sponsors.  One real soft-spoken gentleman, always had good things to say, and the one guy that apparently was a Big Book Nazi were just the ticket for me. I was fighting an urge to drink, where the right ear said “take the drink” the left ear said “better not.”

I remembered the kindly gentleman told me when that happened, to meet him in the hall, and if I still wanted to drink after the meeting we would stop on the way home a get a bottle (Hot Damn). My kind of sponsor. He asked me if the obsession left after the meeting; of course it hadn’t. We got in his car and I knew I was getting a free bottle of booze from my loving sponsor.

This kind gentleman drove me to the Big Book Nazi’s front door. We went in and told him what I was going to do. After getting beat over the head with the Big Book, the obsession left me for that day.  SOBRIETY REALLY IS A HOOT.  Love you All.

I remember one Christmas my family asked me what I really wanted for Christmas.  I told them I had seen this BIG canister of Chivas Regal.  Then I noticed the most beautiful sight I had seen under the tree.  I opened it Christmas day,  and drank over half of the bottle.  This made my whole family have the best Christmas ever.  So it seemed to me at the time.

I was raised in a home with my Grandmother, Sister, and myself.  I had always watched the Leave it to Beaver type shows on TV, and so wanted that for myself.  Never happened, we had no Hugs, no compliments.  So at a young age I honed my skills for Anger, which was the only emotion I knew of..  When I enlisted the Military taught me how to not only be angry but Hate the enemy.  Not good tools for a 19 year old starting Alcoholic.  I learned to mask the kind emotions and accentuate the anger ones to Rage.  Entering Alcoholics Anonymous I noticed Hugging going on.. They wanted something from this zombie like drunk.  They showed me kindness I did not think I deserved and I would coil back in a shell.  Once I started with the steps and worked on Loving my Higher Power I could accept Hugs, Compliments, etc.  AA has showed an Angry real Alcoholic how to Love others and be loved.  Speaking of which, I Love You All… SOBRIETY REALLY IS A HOOT. So everyone—Hug a drunk today. They sure earned it…

“I think Wednesday should be “Hug a Drunk” day.  We support our Countrie’s economy.  We support:  Jails, Prisons, Doctor’s, Nurses, Hospitals, Psyche Wards, Bail Bondsmen, Insurance Companies, Tow Truck Companies, the lists goes on and on. Drunks stimulate the economy.  SO EVERYONE HUG A DRUNK . . .”

“We are people who normally would not mix” (AA Big Book page 17).  Isn’t it great that we can all come together in recovery.   I used to get really pissed when people didn’t agree with me on certain matters.  Today I can use this as an educational tool to either except or ignore, but I always learn something, That’s what I love about recovery, we can agree to disagree.  Love you All… Sobriety is a real Hoot.

I am a Vietnam Veteran, and we were taught at 18 years old not to fear combat. Nothing prepared me for the fear I faced at trying to get sober.  First I feared how to live without my best friend booze, like losing a friend in combat I bucked up. Then I had a fear of finding a person to help me stay stopped.  Then I had fear of working the 4th step.  Then again when I would share this with my sponsor, what would he think of a man like me.  Then I had fear of my 9th step, would these people really understand what I am doing, and accept me.  After I finished with all the fear stuff, it really didn’t matter, because I am sober today because I faced all this fear.  3 years ago I couldn’t even type the word fear without shaking.  Anything that has to do with my recovery I should never fear it, what ever it may be… Thanks for letting me share… Love you All.  Sobriety is a real Hoot and nothing to fear….

I have not been on the Pitty Pot in over 3 years.  Today I got a glimpse of it, and this for me is a very tiring place to visit.  All it took to bring me out of this was a sponsee, (The one that kept getting up and down during a meeting that I wrote about) Phoned me and said he just finished his 4th step.  Is this God doing for me., what I obviously couldn’t do for myself.. I am soooo much better now.. Nothing works like working with another Alcoholic this has been proven to me over and over…

During my first meeting with my Sponsor, he handed me an Atomic Fireball candy.  I was just so grateful he was sponsoring me, I just couldn’t tell him that I really don’t like Atomic Fireballs.  But anyway, now whenever we meet he always brings me one.  I have one dresser drawer designated just to Atomic Fireballs.  There are many, still don’t like them but they represent many periods of my meetings with this man who has given me so much more than candy..  Love You All..    ~Charlie V.   Sobriety is a Hoot and Hot also…

Things just happen that are neither my fault or under my control.  My son and Granddaughter that recently used Meth together call me daily to tell me they are ok and blame the other for their actions. My oldest son that could not handle watching this behavior in his house overdosed on his prescription Meds. He called me last night to tell me he is out of the Hospital and Psych ward after a 96 hour hold.

This type of stuff I would have drank over and stayed drunk and probably died from.  Did it concern me? Yes it did. Did I pick up a drink? No.  Did I hibernate? No.

Went to my first Al-Aon meeting last night; didn’t feel entirely at home, but I didn’t at my first AA meeting either.  I can not and will not allow other people’s actions interfere with my Sobriety.  I am sober today because of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and belief in a Higher Power—and you people who allow me to share some of my experiences with me newfound feelings.

Love you All. . .  Sobriety is not only a Hoot, it is life-saving to me.

~Charlie V.

I have been depressed for a few weeks, it seems my two son’s and even my youngest grand daughter have followed in my disease.  I have prayed to God, turned it over, and for some morbid reason I take it back.  It seems it is nearly impossible for me to work with them as it wouldn’t do any good right now, and I am too close to the situation.  The real relief I received today was a newcomer never exposed to sobriety, asked for my help.  If he only knew how much he helped me.  I believe this was God answering me in his time.  It is true that nothing helps in my time of need like working with another Alcoholic, and as long as I am still alive this is my vocation.  Maybe, just maybe I can help a newcomer so he does not have to take it to the depths of hell, like I did.  Thanks for letting me share.

I have learned many things in my short journey in sobriety.  One of my lessons seems so obvious that I don’t know why I never thought of it.  I believe I am here to turn my many tests in sobriety to testimonials.  Turn my many messes into messages.  This is one of my many keys to the road of recovery…  Love you all…   Charlie V… SOBRIETY IS A HOOT…

About 5 years ago i had a heart attack, found out I had Alcoholic Neuropathy and would need one of those walkers with the tennis balls on the front.  3 years ago I came to AA for the umpteenth time.  I decided to try it for real just once in my life.. I went from that darn walker to a cane. Last year I got rid of the cane, I walk with my 12 year old, one eyed Sch Zui.  Do yard work.  And live a productive life the way God intended me to live.  I owe much more than I can express here for the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and people like you.  Thank you so much as I will never take my sober life for granted again..   I can even run, no dancing though I have 2 left feet…. Love you all.   Sobriety is a Hoot..

A friend of mine from my home group just celebrated 4 years sobriety on Friday.  He met his wife at this group.  They married 3 years ago, had a baby girl 2 years ago.  When he returned from the meeting, his wife told him she was going out for a bit.  She is now missing.  He has the baby at home with him, and said he thinks she probably went out drinking as she has refused to go to meetings with him for some time.  Anyway, I learn from people in the program each day, because either way she is gone, and I sure can feel the pain he feels the best I can.  It reminds me we do not take a drink, wife or no wife, job or no job.  And I will pray for God’s will for the both of them… Just wanted to share as we are all brave people to even undergo starting to get sober, never mind staying sober..Love you All…Sobriety is a Hoot…

“Just got back from the grocery store, they must be gearing up for Labor Day Weekend and stocking all kinds of Alcoholic Beverages that I would surely get arrested.. This is true progress because I would have been like Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas with my grocery cart full of nothing but liquor..  That’s the way this drunk drank.  SOBRIETY IS A HOOT… And that’s the Truth..   Love ya all…”

“Living in a split level house, just put the booze downstairs in the kitchen away from my bedroom where I drank.  This would make me have to go downstairs to get to the booze.  Therefore I would cut down on my drinking…Good idea.  It is soooo embarrassing to explain the rug burns on my nose and face..  Going up and down steps while drunk is a very difficult task… Sobriety Is a real Hoot… Look no rug burns on my face…”

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