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Snowboarding, the Brain & Addiction


Movie Review: The Crash Reel


Movie Review: The Crash Reel
~Review by Judy Herzanek/Changing Lives Foundation

Snowboarding, the brain and addiction
What do these things have in common?

Although this movie has nothing to do with addiction, after watching it I realized I had a much better understanding of how damage to the brain affects decision-making, impulse control and logical thinking. We have added it to our popular resource: Favorite books and DVDs for families of substance abusers and addicts.

Addiction damages the brain—even more so in the adolescent brain. Brain damage is invisible to onlookers, so the addict in recovery appears to be “normal” and after becoming clean and sober, life goes on.

What we often fail to realize is that this person’s brain will take time to function normally (if at all). We wonder why this person often continues to make poor decisions and not have normal impulse control.

For me, “real-life” examples that illustrate life-lessons resonate and really hit home. This is why it occurred to me as I was watching “The Crash Reel,” that what happens to Kevin Pearce due to his traumatic brain injury probably closely parallels that of a person in recovery from a serious addiction (remember, addiction damages the brain).

As parents and friends of a loved one in recovery, we often observe a lack of good judgment and poor decision-making. By the end of this movie, such actions are much more understandable. We observe the journey Kevin’s family makes as they observe their loved one learning life-lessons once again—the hard way (despite their efforts to jump in and control the outcome).

“Delivers insightful and sometimes “aha” moments to the viewer (especially toward the end).”

Young adults will be entertained from the beginning by the footage of extreme sports (the victories and the crashes) of snowboarding’s best, the friendship and rivalry of Shawn White and Kevin Pierce and an insider’s view of their lives (a great one to draw the viewer in, as the important message hits home regarding brain damage and how it can affect the rest of a young person’s life).

This movie gave me unexpected insight into some of the reasons why the recovering person may still “do what they do.”

Judy Herzanek Telluride

Judy Herzanek is currently the Director of Creative Development and Marketing for Changing Lives Foundation. She graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in 1976 and worked as Graphic Designer and Art Director for Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, MO (12 years), Celestial Seasonings, Boulder, CO (16 years) and owned her managed her own design business.

Author and Chaplain Joe Herzanek and Judy met in 1984 at an AA meeting in Kansas City and have been married for over 30 years. Both are in long-term recovery. She loves working from her home office and the opportunity to combine her design, marketing and online skills with her 30+ years of sobriety to bring the message of hope to families struggling with addiction.
Our website: www.whydonttheyjustquit.com

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