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Bottled: A Mom’s Guide to Early Recovery

Bottled, by Dana Bowman

Bottled, by Dana Bowman

Book Review:
Bottled: A Mom’s Guide to Early Recovery
~by Dana Bowman


We’re excited to share our review below and have also added Dana Bowman’s “hilariously serious”  memoir to our popular resource:
Favorite books and DVDs for families of substance abusers and addicts.

Bottled: A Mom’s Guide to Early Recovery
~Review by Judy Herzanek/Changing Lives Foundation

Bottled Dana Bowman
I love this book.
From the very first pages of “Bottled. A Mom’s Guide to Early Recovery.” I was drawn into Dana’s world—a world I strongly identify with on a personal level.

Dana tells her story, while combining the serious and insidious nature of alcoholism with unexpected wit and humor. She takes us on her journey as a young suburban teen to a successful career-minded twenty-something to a newlywed with the world at her fingertips, to a reluctant young mother with an ever-growing love of fine wine.

Excerpt from Chapter 1: Birth with a beer chaser

My darling husband is leaning over me as I rest in the hospital bed with Charlie snoozing in my arms. Brian is smiling widely, but I am distracted because his pants seem to be…clinking?

“My darling,” he kisses me. “Here is your beer.”

I don’t like beer. And yes, I know. An alcoholic saying she doesn’t like beer is kind of like hearing a doctor say, “I’m just not that much into stethoscopes. They’re cumbersome.” But beer’s hops make my face itch and whenever I drink it my nose starts twitching like a rabbit, and I sneeze a lot. Yes, I am also willing to accept the irony that I actually really have an allergy to alcohol, as the Big Book says. But, in my hospital bed, I clearly remember looking over at that brown bottle that Brian had proudly delivered to me from his cargo pants pockets (finally! a reason for all those pockets!) and thinking, “YES, PLEASE.” I then looked down at the adorable squinched up face of Charlie, just hours old, and thought, “NO, THANK YOU. I’m scared. How did this happen?”

Dana humorously recalls details of her life of play-dates, parent/teacher meetings and jelly beans. We also accompany Dana on her descent to what ultimately becomes her “bottom.”

For me, the biggest joy throughout the book was anticipating the next “me too” anecdote that Dana so masterfully recalls and colorfully illustrates (my personal favorite involves cowboy boots)!

Dana Bownam

Dana Bownam

I encourage everyone (especially women) to read “Bottled.” This triumphant book not only entertains, but provides insight and newfound hope into the increasingly common and important issue of addiction.

About the Author Dana Bowman
Dana Bowman is a long-time English teacher and part-time professor in the department of English at Bethany College, Kansas. Author of the popular momsieblog.com, she leads and presents workshops on both writing and addiction, with a special emphasis on being a woman in recovery while parenting young children.

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Judy Herzanek Telluride

Judy Herzanek is the Director of Creative Development and Marketing for Changing Lives Foundation. She graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in 1976 and worked as Graphic Designer and Art Director for Hallmark Cards, Kansas City, MO (12 years), Celestial Seasonings, Boulder, CO (16 years) and owned and managed her own design business.

Chaplain Joe Herzanek and Judy met in 1984 at an AA meeting in Kansas City and have been married and in long-term recovery for over 30 years. She loves working from her home office in Berthoud, Colorado and the opportunity to combine her design, marketing and online skills with her 30+ years of sobriety to bring the message of hope to families struggling with addiction.
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Why Don't They Just Quit? Hope for families struggling with addiction.

Why Don’t They Just Quit? Hope for families struggling with addiction.
~By Joe Herzanek

New! 2016 Updated Edition!
Contains 7 new chapters and info on: Heroin, Shame & Stigma, Harm Reduction, Marijuana, Synthetic Drugs, 12-Step Groups & The Church, and much more!

Amazon.com reviews:
As the mom of a child struggling with addiction,
and the author of ‘The Joey Song: A Mother’s Story of Her Son’s Addiction,’ my ‘go to’ book is still “Why Don’t They Just Quit? ~Sandy Swenson

Best book ever about addiction. Written by one whose done it and is recovering. Easy to read, not preachy, just honest. I recommend this book to anyone with an addict in their life! ~Lynda A

Got an addiction problem in your family? Read this book. Joe knows his stuff. This book helps you to better understand those who are dealing with friends and family that are addicted to drugs and alcohol. I have read several of these books but this one is the best. ~RJ

> Paperback
> Audio Book CD (Listen to the book)
> Kindle
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