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Suburban Teens Hooked on Drugs


Suburban Teens Hooked on Drugs: every young person should watch this.

It seems like every day I hear more and more about our kids, suburban teens becoming Hooked on Drugs. I recently stumbled on this powerful, short video. I read, listen to and watch addiction/recovery-related material each day as part of my job with Changing Lives Foundation. This video stood out—spoke to me. If you agree, please share with the buttons to the left.

I posted it on our Changing Lives Facebook Page and Private Group and immediately received the same reaction from many.  ~Judy Herzanek

“Wow!” “So very powerful!”
“Should be shown in every high school”

Overtaken: a 28 min. short documentary about drug abuse, told through stories of young adults.

Many of our youth are not aware of the dangers and tragedies associated with prescription drug abuse.
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Click “four corners” icon to the right of YouTube icon (after clicking triangle in center of screen)

In the war on drugs, Jodi Barber and Christine Brant are on the front lines doing battle in their community (see her video message below).

Jodi’s son Jarrod died of an overdose from a prescription drug she had never heard of until the night he died. His peers had heard of it though. Within weeks, more young lives were lost.

These two moms recognized that accidental death from overdosing has become an epidemic, not just in their suburban community but across America. Taking action to save lives, they set out on a goal of producing a short documentary to educate young adults on the truth about addiction and the often deadly consequences drugs have. This documentary features the reality of drug abuse as told by those whose young lives were overtaken by drugs.

Approved by school districts, featuring specialists in the fields of medicine and addiction, this film delivers accurate, up-to-date information on the type of drugs currently infiltrating our communities and educates our youth on how to avoid them.

Click “four corners” icon to the right of YouTube icon (after clicking triangle in center of screen)

Overtaken, a documentary about suburban teens and prescription drug abuse, was produced in 2011 and debuted in the 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival. Overtaken features many young adults from Orange County, CA, talking about their struggles with drugs and addiction in an unscripted, unrestrained manner in the hopes to discourage young adults from using drugs.

Overtaken 2 will focus on those who have struggled with prescription pill and heroin use in the past, but have beat their addiction and now live sober lives. We want to present this often-overlooked aspect of drug use in an effort to inspire those hooked on drugs who are fighting to get clean themselves.


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