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What is a Pink Cloud?



What is a Pink Cloud?:

what is a pink cloud


What is a Pink Cloud? What does the term “pink cloud” mean?

“I fell off my pink cloud with a thud.”
~Elizabeth Taylor

A. Being “on a Pink Cloud” means to feel almost like being high, but without using drugs or alcohol.

The first few days or weeks in recovery are normally a time of adjustment for the addict’s body and mind. Early recovery can be a roller coaster of emotions—often frustrating and stressful. After this will come a leveling-out period in which many people will have an almost euphoric feeling, sometimes referred to as a “pink cloud.”

This ah-ha experience can last for days or even weeks—I really have this recovery thing figured out; I can do this!

I remember feeling this way myself. It was almost like a natural high. But the addict should be careful not to think that he or she is cured, because this could lead to another try at controlled using (i.e., a slip or relapse).

Five months after leaving treatment I tried some controlled using. For me this verified that I indeed was addicted, and I quickly got back to working on my recovery.

A person in recovery can almost plan on experiencing a pink cloud, but the ensuing relapse doesn’t have to happen.

Why Don't They Just Quit? Hope for families struggling with addiction.

Updated and Revised

This “Q & A with Joe Herzanek” is excerpted from Part 5 of “Why Don’t They Just Quit? What families and friends need to know about addiction and recovery.“

Relapse. It Happens.
~by Joe Herzanek




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