Silver Linings: Support for families affected by substance abuse.


Wednesdays, 7:30 – 8:30 PM:
To all our Colorado Front Range friends: Everyone knows someone affected by a friend or loved-one’s substance abuse. Please consider helping us launch our new support group by attending and helping us spread the word!  Also, if you’ve been through a tough situation with a loved one’s substance abuse and would like to help a newcomer who may be feeling hopeless, you can  help “pay it forward” by attending to share your experience, strength and hope.

Silver Linings: Support for families affected by substance abuse.
Silver Linings is a new support group for families affected by substance abuse:

Have you or a friend been
affected by a family member or friend’s substance abuse?
You are not alone. Please consider attending our new weekly support group for family and friends.  

Get answers to tough questions, receive encouragement and emotional support. In this safe, casual group you’ll have opportunities to exchange phone numbers and learn from others’ experience, strength and hope as it relates to substance use disorder.

This meeting is open to the public (you do not have to attend Rocky Church). Please note: this group is NOT for the addict/alcoholic or substance abuser.

Participants include parents, adult children (18 yrs. and over), spouses, siblings, employers and friends. This is not a 12-step recovery group.

Silver Linings is facilitated by Joe and Judy Herzanek. Joe is a Christian Family Addiction Counselor CAC II, Author and Chaplain at the Boulder County Jail. Both Joe and Judy are in longtime recovery.

Rocky Mountain Christian Church
• Rocky’s Frederick Campus
(5860 Majestic Street, Frederick, Colorado)
• Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 pm (Beginning February 28)
• Room 2022 (enter main doors and follow the signs)

No childcare provided. No registration required.
Please call Joe with questions: 303.775.6493
or email:

We need your help to launch this new group!

Please help us with your prayers and by spreading the word to your neighbors, family and friends throughout the community (Colorado: Frederick, Lafayette, Erie, Niwot, Boulder, Longmont, Berthoud, Mead).

Joe & Judy Herzanek/Silver Linings

Joe & Judy Herzanek/Silver Linings


Silver Linings Closed Facebook GroupFACEBOOK CLOSED GROUP:
We also have a Facebook Closed Group (only members can see posts here; not the public) which provides support to struggling families. This group is nationwide—providing support and resources to all who join.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN: Ask to join and someone will sign you into the group.


> Phone Counseling for Family Members
Recommended Books and DVDs for families of substance abusers and addicts
Low cost, No cost Alcohol and Drug Treatment Directory

> Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Recovery Resources for Friends, Families and Employers

Please consider reading:
Why Don’t they Just Quit? Hope for families struggling with addiction.”

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Why Don't They Just Quit? Hope for families struggling with addiction.
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Best book ever about addiction. Written by one whose done it and is recovering. Easy to read, not preachy, just honest. I recommend this book to anyone with an addict in their life! ~Lynda A

Got an addiction problem in your family? Read this book. Joe knows his stuff. This book helps you better understand those dealing with friends and family that are addicted to drugs and alcohol. I have read several of these books but this one is the best. ~RJ

I, like many people, have some knowledge of what drugs and addiction are, but are clueless on what the process of recovery entails. This book does a great job in what it would take to help a loved one, who is an addict and is willing to get clean and stay clean. It also gives one hope that your loved one will survive the nightmare they are living through with their family. ~CG

> Paperback
> Audio Book CD (Listen to the book)
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> Do you have to stop seeing all your old friends to recover?
> Is a relapse-failure?
>Should my husband “back off?”
> If someone can stop using drugs or alcohol for weeks at a time, they “aren’t an addict-correct?
>Chronic Pain Management & Pain Pill Addiction: What to do?
>How can I know if my addicted friend or loved one is telling the truth?
>How can I tell if someone is an addict/alcoholic or just a heavy user?
>What is Methadone? What is Harm Reduction?

> Self-Tests: Codependence
> Self-Tests: Alcohol and Drug Addiction

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