Just Right: Addiction to Redemption



The Road from Addiction to Redemption


Provides A Way to Cope with Life’s Struggles:
Just Right:
The Road from Addiction to Redemption

~By Barbara Bice

“Just Right” is an excellent example of what a spouse and family deals with as they find themselves thrown in the midst of the dark, lonely world of a loved-one’s addiction. What Barbara and her family experience parallels most every topic we cover in “Why Don’t They Just Quit?”  The author expresses her thoughts in such a simple, articulate and beautiful way, that so often made me think to myself “what a great way to say that!”
~Review by Judy Herzanek, Changing Lives Foundation

I prayed, I cried, and I prayed some more.
“Please God, don’t let him be doing it again.”

Just Right engaged me from the start. Written with love and straightforward brutal honesty, it is one woman’s story that needed to be told. It is a story that provides hope and a way to cope with life’s struggles.

Barbara describes intervention as: “the deepest form of heartfelt pleading that a person can possibly do.” Although most of “Just Right” deals with very serious and emotional material, Barbara does find a way to present bits of humor such as her account of her husband Ed’s intervention. Ed recalls, “When I woke up and saw all of those people standing around me, I thought I had blacked out and woke up at a family reunion.”

She has the rare gift of clearly explaining how true recovery works, as the blending of hard work, faith and working a 12-step program. We feel her pain, frustration and heartache as takes us on her journey. Through it all, she learns to trust God to provide her with strength to continue her own life, regardless of the decisions of her addicted husband.

Most of all, I love Barbara’s simple and effective way of explaining Recovery as the combination of faith, Twelve-Steps and hard work: “From that day forward, Ed never used drugs again. It was not easy, but he became serious about his recovery. He finally got “in recovery” and not just “around recovery.” He got a sponsor, he started working the Twelve Steps, and on a daily basis began turning his life and will over to the care of God.”

“From that day forward, Ed never used drugs again. It was not easy, but he became serious about his recovery. He finally got “in recovery” and not just “around recovery.”

Standing out from most other addiction/recovery books are the great little questions and thoughts to ponder at the end of each chapter. Each section poses a way to relate the author’s struggles to the reader’s life as Barbara so skillfully suggests spiritual truths for the reader to ponder.

This book is sprinkled throughout, with insightful “symbolic gems” and true-life God-ordained “coincidences” that speak to the spiritual reality of a loving Creator that cares for us all. Through it all—this family’s loss of money, home and more, we learn how a person can be content, regardless of the circumstances, In other words, they can learn to be “just right.”

Barbara Bice

~Barbara Bice



Barbara and Ed reside in Alabama and have attended Landmark Church in Montgomery for the past sixteen years. They will celebrate forty-three years of marriage in December 2013. They have three sons, three daughters-in-law (like daughters to them) and four grandchildren. Barbara has spoken at various times and events.

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