“The Gettysburg Address of how to help with substance abuse”



gettysburg_addressFrom time to time we like to share some of the response we receive in the mail. This recent letter (with some personal info deleted) sent to us from Larry N (Venice, CA) was a “colorful” and much appreciated addition to our day!

Dear Mr. Herzanek,
I just finished reading your amazing book “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” I have a son that is abusing alcohol, pot and perhaps other substances. . .
. . . This has been a frustrating journey, but your book gives me guidance regarding my behavior toward him, and regarding what I can and can’t do to change his behavior. Hopefully, his path toward recovery will begin today when he gets up.

One more thing—I don’t think that I have read a more effectively-written book. Your straightforward approach, with no frills and fluff, make every sentence informative. This is the Gettysburg Address of how to help with substance abuse. I will be ordering more copies to pass around. Best wishes with your continued work in this field.


Larry N.
Venice, California

Drug Addiction Phone Counseling for Families Dealing with Substance Abuse

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> Self-Tests: Alcohol and Drug Addiction

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