Today I will practice detachment by letting go.


These words of wisdom came to me from the “There is always hope” Facebook Fan Page.

I think we should pin these words on our refrigerator where we’ll see them daily!

Today I will practice detachment by letting go of things I can’t control.

Detachment means standing back and looking at a situation without having a hand in it. Watching fireworks is practicing detachment. Flying a kite is not. Allowing friends the freedom to have their own opinions is practicing detachment. Feeling compelled to change their minds is not. Watching a child create her own drawing is practicing detachment. Holding her hand while she draws is not.

I can’t control other people, their actions, or their beliefs by forcing them to act or believe as I do. Detachment helps me see the big picture, since I can see things more clearly from a distance.

Today, and from now on, I will practice taking care of myself by detaching from people or situations that aren’t good for me. Today I will pay close attention to when I am trying to force the issue, and I’ll remember that my time would be better spent leaving it alone.


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1 thought on “Today I will practice detachment by letting go.

  1. Charlie Vaughn

    This article hit real close to home with me.. I have been a control freak for I don’t know how long.. I work on this everyday, perfect, not close but a lot better.. It sure helped me today to read this as that is where I am now with people.. Everything I ever loved has Scratch Marks on it. I love the Changing Lives Foundation…Let go and Let God is my only approach that helps me at the present moment…. Thanks… Hugs for the Trudge…SOBRIETY IS A HOOT..

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