Methadone clinic has some upset over location; “Raise the Bottom” or “Stuck on the Bottom”?


“Raise the Bottom Training and Consulting”
Note: This company and it’s article are no longer available.

The following story and its related comments appeared on the Nov 19th 2News.TV site from Boise, Idaho. Although I submitted my below comment last night, it has yet to be posted. I guess my views don’t coincide with theirs? I’ve posted so you can read for yourself and comment here if you would like:

“Raise the Bottom Training and Consulting”
Shame on you. RAISE the bottom? What a joke. Methadone clinics such as the one featured here are one more failed attempt at society’s solution to drug addiction.

This belief, often referred to as harm reduction, does not work. It will never work because it is simply switching from one opiate drug to another opiate drug. Methadone clinics are popping up everywhere. The same is true for the current craze to open “medical marijuana” shops. “They’re going to keep smoking weed so we may as well give up trying to stop them; heck we might even be able to make some money here.”

Someone has been making A LOT of money selling methadone —and the same will be true with pot.

Believe it or not there are many who have just quit using dope, both legal and illegal dope.

Is it easy?
No. So what.

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2 thoughts on “Methadone clinic has some upset over location; “Raise the Bottom” or “Stuck on the Bottom”?

  1. Joe

    Dear Proud daughter,
    I’ve heard it said that when facing a problem you have three choices. First is to do the right thing. Next comes doing the wrong thing. The third option is to do nothing. Concerning your dad, at least he has chosen to do something. Which is more than most. I’m sure he is sincere and wants to help.

    In the past I have found myself doing what I sincerely believed to be the right thing. Occasionally my sincerity, my desire to feel good about my actions, clouded my ability to do the ‘best’ thing.

    Thanks for the post, Joe

  2. Proud Daughter

    This is my dads clinic. He has helped hundreds of people and has worked really hard his whole life. People who say that this is a “joke” have never been in a position of an addict and my dad has the gift of helping them because the rest of society look down upon them. He is there to help raise their own bottom so it does not lead to death or jail. You who think negatively against this clinics or others are plain naive.

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