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“Joe Herzanek, former drug and alcohol abuser, has done more than get treatment for his addictions. Herzanek conquered his demons and has spent his sober life serving others suffering from addiction. He founded the Changing Lives Foundation (www.changinglivesfoundation.org) and has served as a chaplain and counselor at jails and prisons for fifteen years. Herzanek is currently the Chaplain at the Boulder County Jail in Boulder, Colorado.

Why Don’t They JUST QUIT? is more than the typical self-help book. The winner of a Next Generation Indie Book Award, this book is gritty, honest, and full of practical tips, resources, and an Alcohol and Drug Addiction Self Test.

I loved the myriad quotes sprinkled throughout from such diverse individuals as Mother Theresa, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, and Herzanek’s own family members. In the foreword, Joe’s wife, Judy, the Creative Manager for the Changing Lives Foundation says, “Joe speaks from firsthand experience, having survived shattered relationships, a life-threatening disease, physical and mental withdrawal, police problems, and raising two teenagers.”

It is the intimate way in which the author shares himself that lends what could be “just another addiction recovery book” a fresh and hopeful voice. I would recommend this for anyone who has been impacted by the effects of addiction.”
—Julie McGuire/The Internet Review of Books

“There is a tug-of-war going on in the recovery community between those with academic letters behind their names and those who have walked through the tunnel of addiction. For example there are those who believe AA is a positive road to walk on, while others scorn AA for any number of reasons. Joe Herzanek writes and talks about addiction with a warmth and depth of understanding that so many others lack. “Why Don’t They JUST QUIT?”  is superbly written, a straight talking, no frills guide for people to follow. It’s a great resource. Herzanek has walked through the tunnel of addiction and can relate to those who struggle. He understands families and what they go through. The book and DVD make a human connection, beyond the facts of addiction. “
—Ned Wicker (Host/Recovery Now!)

“Mr. Herzanek is a certified addiction counselor and founder of the Changing Lives Foundation. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol ages 13-29. His personal struggle and life turnaround, and helping others the last 29 years, inspired this prestigious, professional book. The work offers vital advice, procedures and hope for the at-risk, addicted, friend and family.

In addition to defining situations, including irrational compulsions, leading toward addiction, this book offers workable, detailed solutions. The author answers common questions about this problem, and offers hope to family and friends by detailing practical, workable steps for recovery. A unique work providing new insights. “
—Lightword Publishing Book Review

“One of the most frustrating and demoralizing experiences men and women have is watching the horrifically destructive impact of addiction upon the health, life, and relationships of a loved one. Often the disastrous consequences of addiction are so severe that we are led to shake our heads and wonder why the addict cannot simply stop the addiction that has so enslaved and ruined them.

In “Why Don’t They Just Quit?: What Families And Friends Need To Know About Addiction And Recovery”, drawing upon thirteen years as an addiction counselor working in the Colorado criminal justice system, Joe Herzanek (himself a recovering addict who founded and presides over the Changing Lives Foundation) provides answers to more than thirty common (and not so common) questions that non-addicts have with respect to a loved one’s addiction.

Herzanek explains with illustrative clarity why addicts don’t really have to hit ‘rock bottom’ before they are willing to be helped; when helping an addict is counter-productive; why quitting an addiction is not the same thing as recovering from that addiction; how to deal with an addict who has relapsed; how to obtain a 50% (or more) reduction in the medical costs of addiction treatments; why a parent would leave their own child due to a parent’s addiction; why an effective intervention need not be an ambush-style confrontation with the addict.

Articulate, ‘real-world’ practical, thoroughly ‘user friendly’, and strongly recommended reading, “Why Don’t They JUST QUIT?” is also available on DVD. Counseling centers and community libraries are particularly encouraged to buy a “Why Don’t They JUST QUIT?” book/DVD set to provide their patients and patrons with the alternative of a book or DVD format.”
—James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief/Midwest Book Review

“Thanks so much for visiting with us yesterday.  Your passion, your heart and your vast knowledge came through so strongly.  We know the listeners will be touched by your story.

We would very much like to have you on again in the future.  There are so many topics and hot button issues for people.  You are a strong guest and make the show so easy for us.  I’ve done radio for over 30 years and have been through the drudgery of “yes and no” responses. The best radio happens when a conversation takes place.  You made that happen.”

—Ned Wicker/Host: Recovery Now!
Addictions Chaplain/Waukesha Memorial Hospital Lawrence Center

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