Parenting: Warnings and Threats


Parenting: Warnings and Threats

Although this story centers around a mother and her young child, we find that most of the “Love and Logic” principles apply to ANY age group (children, teens and adults). 

Warnings and Threats

Little Cleo looked out of the corner of her eye at her Mom with one of those testing looks, then pushed her child sized grocery cart into the legs of her sister.

“Quit that,” warned Mom. “I’ve warned you about that three times already. If you do it again I’m going to take it away!”

Three minutes later Cleo was doing it again.

“Cleo, I said no,” yelled Mom. “Now you stop it! You’re going to be in big trouble! How many times do I have to tell you?”

Ten minutes later, I saw Mom still making threats. I’m not sure she was aware of Cleo’s sly little grin.

During the same trip, I watched another Mom dealing with the same problem. There were no threats.

“Willie, you know better than that. Follow me.” She calmly walked to the front of the store with her son trailing behind.

“Leave your cart with the others here. You can try it again next time we’re in the store.”

“But, Mom. I’ll be good. I promise.”

“I’m sure you will next time we shop.”

A sobbing little Willie followed his mom through the store.

Let’s all give Willie’s mother a big hand. And let’s give Cleo’s mom a moment of silence. The threats and warnings may still be going on while we read this.

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Jim Fay

Jim Fay
As one of our favorite authors, we highly recommend Jim Fay and Foster Cline’s  book  Parenting Teens With Love And Logic

Originally published 1/06/2010 by the Love and Logic® Institute, Inc.©2010 Jim Fay, Charles Fay, PhD & Love and Logic® Institute, Inc.


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