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Why Don't They Just Quit? What families and friends need to know about addiction and recovery.

Professional Reviews

What People are Saying about
“Why Don’t They JUST QUIT?”

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“Reading this book during the time I was married to an addict would have saved me many days of suffering and stress. Anyone close to an addict should read Why Don’t They JUST QUIT?”
—Marilyn Russell Registered Nurse, Boulder, Colorado

“This is a must read . . . a book about truth, commitment, consequences and a belief that things can change. It describes the complexity of drug addiction and the scars it leaves, along with practical solutions that can be implemented today.”
—Magistrate Judge Tijani R. Cole, Ph.D., J.D.
Boulder District Court, Boulder, Colorado

“ . . . stayed up late last night reading various parts of it; inspiring! This book is for people like me; someone with chemically addicted people in their life. If you, or someone you know and love, are living in the tornado of addiction, finding it spinning you around with your loved one, then this book can be one of the most clear/helpful guides in understanding how to navigate through the confusion, drama and pain that is associated with addiction in a family. Passionate, humble, full of wisdom . . . a must read for the addicted and those who care about them.”
—Donna Schwartz, M.A., MFT, CAC III
Community Relations in Colorado
Valley Hope Alcohol and Drug Treatment

“Joe’s book helps us to understand the addiction and recovery process. He combines a lifetime of personal and professional experience dealing with this issue in a practical and highly personal overview. The book is excellent. I wish I had read it a year ago.”
—Sheriff Joe Pelle Boulder County, Colorado

“This book provides insights and solutions that are proven to work for recovery—not only for the addict but for the entire family system.”
—Tony Marquez
Vice President of Business Development
Pacific Coast Recovery Center at South Coast Medical

“Why Don’t They JUST QUIT? is an informative book for anyone interested in how the disease of addiction manipulates and destroys individuals and all the people around them. It delivers a clear and real picture of recovery. This book would be a great gift for family, friends and employers as they struggle with their role in the addict’s life.”
—Frank Lisnow Executive Director of CeDAR, Denver,
Colorado Past President of National Association of Addiction Counselors

“Addictions are the great puzzle of human behavior. Why do people continue to do something so clearly harmful to them? Joe Herzanek provides a refreshingly personal look into the world of addictive behaviors. This book is a must read not only for families of addicts and alcoholics looking for answers, but for anyone who has been intrigued by irrational compulsions and wondered how recovery takes place. I consider Why Don’t They JUST QUIT? to be one of the top five recovery books for families and I anticipate it being widely used by treatment programs throughout the country.”
—Nicolas Taylor, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist
National Expert on the Treatment of Methamphetamine Addiction

“Joe writes with authority and clarity . . . Its straightforwardness and intimacy as well as its lack of pretense give it a veracity that is genuine. It is an excellent read recommended for family and friends as well as the recovering person.”
—James W. Russell, M.D., F.A.C.P. American Society of Addiction Medicine/former director of Founder’s Hall Treatment Center, Seabrook, New Jersey

“[This book] will be valued by many, many people. A very meaningful gift of God’s grace to families who need sanity in the middle of their runaway insanity.”
—Mike Richards Jr. Director of Recovery Ministries International Bible Society, Houston, Texas

“I know Joe and he has immense personal credibility to address the confusing and complex issue of addiction. This book is surprisingly clear, crisp and candid. Many in our congregation, community and country need to read what Joe has to say.”
—Alan Ahlgrim, Past President of NACC;
Senior Pastor Rocky Mountain Christian Church, Niwot, Colorado

“Herzanek’s book is unique in its focus on the families of addicts. There are plenty of books to help the recovering person, but very few speak to those on the ‘outside,’ who want to help, but don’t know where to begin . . . provides solutions you can use right now. We recommend it to all the families at our center. “
—Lee Barchan/Executive Director, Transitions Recovery Program/North Miami Beach, Florida

“My association with The Salvation Army for more than forty-seven years, allows me to confirm the importance of Joes practical approach to addiction and recovery. Helpful tools, which include family and friends, are critical to the recovery process. “
—Lt. Colonel Clarence Harvey/The Salvation Army, Kansas City, Missouri

“Joe’s book Why Don’t They JUST QUIT?? Is a very good read. Joe has effectively drawn together much of the wisdom from AA and Al-Anon’s 70-plus years of experience, the hand’s-on lessons from professional counseling and the more recent medical advances in the treatment of addictions. His counsel and advice, while based on complicated problems with no easy answers is very practical and down to earth.

As an addictions counselor with over 35 years experience, I am particularty impressed that Joe avoided the common temptations of giving pat answers or proposing solutions that are over the heads of most people and require professional interventions. Joe clearly has a good grasp of the disease of chemical addiction and has presented a very objective overview of the best treatments and interventions for the disease.”
—Dave Ketter, LCP, Clinical Supervisor/Valley Hope Association

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