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Drug Addiction Phone Counseling
(for families at their Wits’ End)

with Joe Herzanek

Joe Herzanek Addiction Counselor


*Names and cities have been altered to protect the privacy of our clients.

“I recommend it as a first step in handling a sensitive situation the correct way so that you have no regrets later. If I had met with Joe two years ago, I would have handled the situation very differently, and might not have wasted the last three years of my life. Joe has helped me to move on with my life, detach with love, and not waste a minute longer on uneducated approaches that didn’t work for me.”
~Beth W., Little Rock, Arkansas


“The fact that my wife was able to actually do the complete detachment talk last night is a modern day miracle.  For extreme codependents like her, this is like selling one’s baby.  In the arsenal of parents of addicts, this is the nuclear option.  We have talked a lot about this option in our group meetings, but I have never heard of anyone actually doing it.  I never really thought she could do it. I think reading the Use Tough Love piece each night before bed to each other and watching Question 9 on your DVD a dozen times gave her the strength to do it.  Thanks for the prayers last night.  God was with her.”
~Mark S., San Antonio, TX


Our phone meetings with Joe have proven to give our family the clear-cut direction that we needed to formulate a plan of action. We so much needed your reminders about how to stay sane in the insanity of active addiction in the family. ”
~Ken & Jane, Winter Park, Colorado


Joe had a wealth of information and ideas that have never occurred to us. We were feeling so defeated. With Joe’s insights we took a  different approach, and we have seen dramatic changes. Now, as a family, we will step back and live our lives and pray.”
~Bev & Bob, San Antonio, Texas


“What our family went through with my 36 year old daughter’s relapse, and being able to soak up your information like a sponge is truly a miracle. I took your advice, followed our plan and took positive action. You gave me the courage to go ahead and do simple things that have made a bad situation much better. You helped bring me the strength I need to cope with this.”
~Marilyn S., Rochester, NY


I wish I had been knowledgeable enough to have talked to Joe the moment I suspected my significant other had a problem with alcohol addiction. It would have saved me a great deal of money, time and pain. The matter of fact, calm and straightforward way that Joe communicates with someone in crisis is extremely reassuring and helpful.
~Ginnie R., Augusta, Georgia

“I ordered and read your wonderful book “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” but found that I still had questions and doubts about what my next steps should be. Scheduling time with Joe was just what I needed. I feel empowered, and not hopeless as before! He cuts through the junk and spells things out in a short, sweet and no nonsense manner—to the point with input that is positively right-on.
~Pat M., Loveland, Colorado

“I didn’t know where to turn. At first we didn’t believe this was happening. Nobody ever knows when they will be in this type of situation. I never thought my son would be an addict and I never knew I could be so strong. If anyone is going through this type of situation, get tough and get help . . . fast!
~Deborah B., Grand Junction, Colorado

Joe’s suggestions helped us to end, what was an incredibly painful time for all of us. For the first time, I feel confident that Justin will find his way. It is a great feeling. It was the best Christmas gift that we’ve received this year.”
~Angela P., Overland Park, Kansas

“I am so grateful for Joe’s counsel a month ago when (my son) was in another relapse and his choices were so painful for me to watch. I needed someone to support me in keeping my boundaries. Thanks again for the hope, encouragement and suggestions. Blessings and Gratitude to both of you.”
~Mary C., Denver, CO


I was pretty sure before I met with Joe that I couldn’t handle what was coming next for my son. But he helped in so many ways. I didn’t feel so lost and hopeless. I would recommend counseling with Joe to anyone. He understands families and what they go through.”
~Sandy T., Marseilles, IL
“My husband is an alcoholic and after talking to Joe, I now know that it is okay not to give up on him, and that there is hope. He walked me through various ways I can show “tough love” and “raising his bottom.” He helped me to plan my next steps.
~Jessica L., Miami Beach, Florida
“Having a son with a severe alcohol/drug abuse problem, who has been through more than one treatment program, I was desperately looking for answers. Mr. Herzanek conducted phone sessions with my wife and I, and gave us a plan . . . and prepared us for and guided us through the confusion, drama and pain.”
~Mark N., Burlington, Washington

For Drug Addiction Phone Counseling
Email: jherzanek@gmail.com


Chaplain Joe Herzanek
Colorado State Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor: Level II

Workshops and phone consultations with author/addiction counselor
Joe Herzanek—specialized to your unique situation

• President: Changing Lives Foundation www.changinglivesfoundation.org

• Over thirty years experience working with/counseling alcohol and drug dependent men, women and their family members

• Award-winning author of the book “Why Don’t They Just Quit? What families and friends need to know about addiction and recovery”

• Currently serving as Chaplain at the Weld County Jail (Greeley, CO)

• Former host of “Recovery Television”

• Public Speaker/Workshop Presenter

• Member: NAADAC, National Association for Addiction Professionals

• Certified: Colorado State Certified Addiction Counselor: Level II

• Member: Toastmasters International

• Former Boulder County Jail (Boulder, CO) Chaplain, 17 years

• Liability Insurance: 1mil/3mil Allied Healthcare Ins.

• Member: BBB



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