I can think “Sick” also—at times


Charlie VaughnMore from Charlie:

“I just got home from a meeting and have to share this very valuable thought I had.. Notice how my brain was thinking at this moment.. A gentleman who had been sober about 2 weeks felt it necessary to ramble on and on.. I thought will this guy ever shut up, even thought about leaving it was so disturbing to me..  It was not until I got home that what disturbed me so much was I saw myself in him…As the literature says will happen in acceptance.  If it was important enough for him to spill his guts, who am I not to listen and learn..  And I did learn… Good Meeting.. Had to share this “As Charlie see’s it Moment”   Love you all and SOBRIETY IS A HOOT. only if we can listen better than we speak as everyone no matter how much sobriety they have we can learn from and I just did…”



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