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Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Take this test for yourself, or for someone you love. Answer YES or NO to each statement.

Self-Test Results

Add up your totals and review results below. This information is for your purposes only. We will not receive or review the results.
You are at risk for problems with drinking or using drugs. Talk to a counselor or group facilitator now to gain information to stop any tendency toward further problems.
You definitely have a problem with alcohol or drugs. Seek help from a counselor or support group immediately to get the help you need to repair the damage and get on the right track for your future.
More than 6 “YES” RESPONSES
You definitely abuse drugs or alcohol, and you may well be an addict. You need immediate and comprehensive help to turn your life around. It’s not too late. You need to see a physician and a drug and alcohol counselor, and you may need to be admitted to a treatment facility.
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