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We have over 30 years of real-life, hands-on experience and success in addiction recovery counseling, and have used our experience to create effective counseling techniques. We specialize in those tough, “seemingly impossible” situations.
  • Thanks for the work you’re doing for so many. I’m so thankful God has given you the words for the book and video; I am seeing these resources minister to many of our people at Community Bible Church.”
    Patti C. | San Antonio, TX

  • I ordered and read your wonderful book “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” but found that I still had questions and doubts about what my next steps should be. Scheduling time with Joe was just what I needed. I feel empowered, and not hopeless as before! He cuts through the junk and spells things out in a short, sweet and no nonsense manner–to the point with input that is positively right-on.”
    Pat M. | Loveland, CO

  • Our son is like a new man, he ended up (began anew) at a wonderful inpatient treatment facility, in PA. Joe's book was a miracle for Jim and me; we are all very grateful.You have helped us save Brian's life, and, now, he is saving his own!”
    Debbie A. | Medina, OH

  • After I "found you" and Changing Lives Foundation on the internet a few months ago, little did my dear husband, Steve, and I ever realize just how valuable your words would become to us. I have read your book three times, have watched the 10 Toughest Questions DVD probably twenty times; your words are so powerful!!! You make every aspect of being a part of an addictive family all so understandable, your quiet and gentle demeanor are just so compassionate, just so spot on, and your sharing of your own life experiences helped us to see just what we needed to do. We used many of your principles to guide us through some tough moments. God Bless YOU, and God Bless your good works. I will be forever grateful that I happened upon Changing Lives Foundation. I feel that it was no accident! I truly believe that an angel led me to your website, and the rest is history. You have no idea how much you have impacted my life.”
    Michelle H. | Lake Ridge, VA

  • The way you respond in your e-mails is so kind and caring you truly are a credit to your company! Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful New Year!”
    Karen L. | Jupiter, FL

  • Joe is a good man of strong moral character. He goes out of his way to be helpful to people. His professional work with addicts and their families has been of exceptionally high quality. Joe’s recent publication, “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” has been useful to me in my practice of Psychiatry. An important aspect of Joe’s stability and good character is his strong commitment to his Christian faith.”
    James B. Raybin, M.D. | Boulder, CO

  • Judy, I have a special place in my heart for you and Joe. When I ran across your website by accident last March it was all, “part of the plan, as we say.” The book and DVD helped me to take action that would change my life forever. I realized I had to help myself, I started going to meetings, have a sponsor, read the literature, and have made remarkable progress in redefining who I am and what my boundaries are. I was able to experience a detachment from my son. I’m healing! Life is good! My son is doing better (last I heard he had 60 days clean). Who knows, maybe he will “get it” and someday want to be part of my life again. Either way, I will be ok. I’d recommend your approach to anyone – and have to many. Thanks again for being there for me!”
    Lainie S. | Roseville, CA

  • I'll always be very grateful to you for writing the book, "Why Don't They Just Quit", as your words were instrumental in restoring my mental health and guided me through the most difficult time I've ever experienced in my life. With gratitude and love.”
    Janis P. | Miami, FL

  • We had standing room only for this event with over 140 people attending. Joe answered a lot of the toughest questions about substance abuse. There was role playing, videos, laughter and tears. This was most definitely one of the best and most informative educational workshops we have ever had at PDAP San Antonio.”
    Phil Sagebiel | San Antonio, TX

  • I just want you to know that what you guys are doing is saving my life.”
    Annie F. | Sunnyvale, CA

  • *Client names changed to protect their privacy.

Our Specialty | Tough Situations

Your situation may be unique, but it’s not hopeless. There IS a solution!

We hope that our books and DVDs can provide useful information to help restore sanity to your life, saving you and your family time, money, stress and unnecessary heartache. If you seek a more in-depth program, we offer Drug Addiction Phone Counseling for family members (and/or the addicted person) with author/addiction counselor Joe Herzanek—specialized to your unique situation.

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