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Drug Addiction Phone Counseling for Families Dealing with Substance Abuse

What We Offer

We provide phone counseling for families in need with over 30 years of real-life, hands-on experience and success. We specialize in those tough, “seemingly impossible” situations.

Our Specialty | Tough Situations

Your situation may be unique, but it’s not hopeless. There IS a solution!

Together we can formulate an affordable plan to restore sanity to your life, saving you and your family time, money, stress and unnecessary heartache. Drug Addiction Phone Counseling for family members (and/or the addicted person) with author/addiction counselor Joe Herzanek—specialized to your unique situation.

We understand there are times when life seems so out of control and hopeless–you just can’t sit down and find answers from a book or DVD. In order to effectively come alongside and partner with you to make changes you can live with, we offer one-on-one Drug Addiction Phone Counseling You and your family will work with Joe to formulate a plan which will begin to restore sanity to your life–saving time, money, stress and unnecessary heartache. Begin taking the steps your family needs to end the chaos and receive specific guidance for your unique circumstances. Here’s just one example of what Joe’s clients say:

We appreciate the convenience of being able to call. I don’t know if my husband would have participated otherwise. Just prior to the events over the last few weeks I received your email regarding this service. It kept coming to my mind. I feel that it was God’s direction to call you. My husband reaffirmed it by telling me I did the right thing. He would not have read the book. Thanks for making yourself available.

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You can get through this!

Joe will walk you through the steps you need to take, giving you knowledge, support and confidence to “do what needs to be done—every step of the way.” Gain peace of mind, knowing that you are taking the steps necessary to begin healing and recovery—for your loved-one and your family. Private Drug Addiction Phone Counseling is a simple, anonymous way to get help NOW. From the comfort of your home or office, no travel time—and we can link in (to a three-way call) any of your family members…from anywhere in the country.

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    Drug addiction phone counseling for families dealing with substance abuse.
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The Four Major Advantages
of Telephone Counseling with an Addiction Professional

The advantages of telephone counseling over in-office face-to-face counseling are many and varied. I’ve summarized the main points here.


Phone counseling allows you/us to “meet” on your schedule—in your environment.

Most of us are much more comfortable in our own home than in an office—one that involves driving time, finding a place to park, dealing with weather, childcare and sitting in a strange environment that someone else designed for their comfort. And you never know who you might meet in the waiting room!
The use of a speakerphone allows for more than one person to "attend" the session. Sometimes there is a significant other person or family member who is very reluctant to go to a counselor’s office. Often there are relatives in another part of the country who are key to the success of this situation. If appropriate, we can add them into the Addiction Telephone Counseling session.
Because we are in different locations and not face-to-face, we can jot down notes and also, I am hands-free to search online when necessary. This is very beneficial for both parties, but especially for you—as the client. Most people will feel awkward talking, listening and trying to take notes at the same time if the counselor is right in front of them. I give my Addiction Telephone Counseling clients much information and multiple insights—that should be written down (rather than trying to be remembered later).


The idea of attending therapy or counseling is often uncomfortable for some people—especially in the beginning.

Being able to do it from your own home makes the process of “showing up” much easier. Often, family members are either too embarrassed to come to an office, or not motivated enough to make the trip. When counseling by phone, our clients get all the help they need with complete privacy and very little initial effort. The results are very effective.


The process starts with a synopsis of each case before we begin our “live” sessions.

Because I ask my clients to send me a one-page synopsis of their situation before the actual session, I have the time upfront, to review each client's situation and research appropriate resources.


The notion that a counselor must be physically present for success is simply not true.

I have found that people strongly experience the ability to be more open when counseling over the phone. Sometimes in psychotherapy body language and facial expressions play a key role for a psychologist. In family counseling this is less important because the family member is, for the most part, sharing their thoughts and concerns about a loved one—who is not present.
When I’m working with families, I do not need to be overly concerned about their honesty and truthfulness. There is no logical reason to try to give me false information. This would be much different scenario when counseling with the addict/alcoholic who may or may not be motivated to change. Since I do not take insurance there is no permanent record of our sessions/discussion (I do not have to fill out forms and reports to send to a company for reimbursement of fees).

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