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What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism or alcohol addiction is a disease. Unfortunately, there has long been a social stigma that has been associated with getting treatment at an Alcohol Rehab Center, so people might be hesitant to talk about their drinking problems.
Some people feel that alcoholism is a sign of a moral lapse, are ashamed to talk about it, and may be afraid to seek alcohol abuse treatment.

In reality, they should seek treatment for this disease, like they would for any other. Treatment for alcoholism is essential, the same way treatment to cure other diseases is essential.

Taking steps to understand what is alcoholism

If someone has a possible drinking problem, is invaluable as it can give someone a chance for a healthier, fuller life.

Drinking alcohol moderately does not constitute a risk for most adults.

It is what some people do to relax and something they share in social gatherings. It is drinking beyond moderate levels that may cause problems, and may constitute alcohol abuse, leading to a need for alcohol abuse treatment to break the alcohol addiction. The consequences of alcohol misuse are very serious on a personal level for the individual’s health, for his or her close ones, and for society.

What is alcoholism?

When trying to determine if someone has a drinking problem, it is best to go to an alcohol treatment professional, because they can make a full assessment to recommend to what extent one will require alcohol treatment.
They will take into account a person’s background, their psychological profile, their family situation, their educational, work, and medical history. These will all help in determining if there is an alcohol abuse problem.

Consequences of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Alcohol is a poison that can cause major damage to many organs of the body. Alcohol abuse can lead to the following serious diseases, and physical and mental risks, costing society almost $200 billion per year:

What is alcoholism and how does it affect the body?

Because it doesn’t take long for brain damage to occur when someone abuses alcohol, it can lead to several mental problems. The alcohol abuser will first experience short-term memory loss, and reduced concentration level. Then, as time goes on, his thoughts will become more and more scattered.

Another dangerous effect of alcohol abuse is a blackout

The individual is experiencing a blackout has no recollection of things that he or she did during that time.

Problems from alcohol abuse may include:

Alcohol abuse can also interfere with school, work and result in violence or a deterioration of personal relationships.

The progression of alcoholism

As an alcohol abuser consumes more and more alcohol, he will develop tolerance and may not appear to be drunk. Those around him, at work and in social situations, may not know that he is abusing alcohol, as many alcoholics are able to hide their addiction pretty well. In the meantime, as the alcohol abuse continues, over time, his physical condition deteriorates, leading to serious consequences, which unfortunately are only recognized after severe damage develops.

Treatment for Abuse and Addiction

Many people enjoy moderate amounts of alcohol on a regular basis, and it's not a problem for them. For others it's a big problem. About 3 million teens and 10 million adults in the U.S. consume alcohol on a level that is considered alcoholic and requires treatment at an Alcohol Rehab Center.
Reports show that when it comes to drinking alcohol, a few additional million adults and teenagers have dangerous drinking habits, such as heavy drinking and binge drinking on a regular basis, and are on the brink of developing an alcohol addiction.

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